10-chi sinf ingliz tili darsligi

10 sinf ingliz tili
10-chi sinf ingliz tili


10-sinf darsliklari MUNDARIJASIGA QAYTISH

1. The first time anyone swam across the Channel _
A) was in the last century.
B) was when England and France organized a swimming competition.
C) no one really believed him.
D) he was helped by favorable currents.
E) he reached Dover just before 10 in the evening.

2. The time Captain Webb needed to swim across the Channel __
A) was unbelievably short.
B) has since been nearly reduced to half
C) still remains a record.
D) was thought to be far too long.
E) hasn’t been equaled by any French swimmer.

10-chi sinf ingliz tili darsligi
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